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08/08/2008 1 Comment

If more and more real scenario was put into practice and all the matches (or almost all) should be played in Poland what would it mean for the inhabitants of our country?

As it is reported (a source similar to Michel Platini) UEFA considers talking back part of the meetings from Ukraine for the benefit of Poland. There is also a possible scenario that both semi-finals and the finals would be played in our country. Would we cope with the organization of the tournament on our own and what would it mean for Poland?

Stadium abundance

Stadium for Euro 2012 are prepared in Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Chorzów and Krakow. If it turned out that Poland have to organize the event without the help of Ukraine, we would have to build 8 stadiums. Then, the soccer activists point that Zabrze with the stadium Górnik and Warsaw with the stadium Legia could take part in Euro.

polish euro 2012 stadium

The Polish league, which scares away because of the infrastructure, would benefit more from the independent organization of Euro 2012. New and functional stadiums will attract larger crowd of fans to watch matches on live. Maybe, with the appropriate marketing support we would turn the economic situation on the Polish football.

However, what would happen with the large stadiums in the future if after 2012 fans were not willing to watch the soccer spectacles of the doubtful quality? Austrians knew that they would have to deal with such problem. That is why, they built a stadium in Klagenfurt in such a way that part of its tribunes could be disassembled after Euro 2008.
Euro (etc.) every four years in Poland

The organization of Euro and the way it attracts fans, especially VIPs will make them return to this place. Can there be a better pretext to appear again in Poland than the next great sport event?

If “Euro 2012 Project” ends with full success, we can be sure that we will get the chance to show again our organization skills. At the beginning, we shouldn’t expect World Cup or Olympic Games. But the finals of the Masters league or the Club World Cup would be within our reach, for sure. Even the Premier League would hit on the idea of playing the additional 39. turn in Poland about which the English media speculated some time ago.


When it turned out that the pool of tickets for matches of Polish representation during Euro 2008 given to our fans is so small, the nationwide lament began.

If we were to organize Europe Championships on our own, we would not have such problems for sure. Many tickets for all meetings (from the beginning to the finals) would go to Polish fans.

A dozen or so professional centers

The national teams which come to Poland will need not only stadiums where they will be playing matches but also training fields, the studies of renovation and a real base. It would have to come into being not 8 but a dozen or so great prepared centers which would become the seats for particular teams.

Two stadiums in Warsaw

For Warsaw the organization of Euro 2012 would mean one thing: the need of building as much as two stadiums! Except from National one the reconstruction of the stadium Legia, which was stopped by the city, would have to be finished.

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