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Category Archives: Euro 2012

Poland alters stance on euro Breaking with its tradition of strongly advocating Poland’s adoption of the euro, Poland’s central bank under its new governor is to play a more neutral role. Slawomir Skrzypek, governor for just over six months, is creating an office to study the costs and advantages of joining the eurozone. Pol­and’s finance ministry says Poland will meet the Maastricht criteria for joining by 2009 and according to Mr Skrzypek the earliest possible date for Poland adopting the euro is 2012 or 2013.

Kiev (ANTARA News) – The rights to broadcast the Euro 2012 football championships are going to be sold for one billion euros, Adam Olkowicz, head of the Polish committee for organizing the championships, said Saturday in Yalta. “Only the TV broadcasting rights to Euro 2012 will be sold for one billion euros, which will be a record. Big earnings are expected for UEFA. The countries organizing the championships will also get a big economic gain,” he said during the round table ‘Euro 2012: what it will bring to Ukraine’.

It has only taken a couple of months since the surprise Euro 2012 hosting decision for one of the co-hosts to suffer a major embarrassment. The fact that the rioting took place during the Inter-Toto Cup – a truly pointless and largely ignored competition – is perhaps some small consolation for European football administrators.

Poland is training women to work on building sites because so many men have left to work in Britain. As the Polish economy grows and especially now that the country has landed the Euro 2012, there is a huge shortage of construction workers. Employment authorities on Poland have said so many male builders have gone to the UK that there is simply not enough, but that training up some of the many unemployed women to do the work was a logical move.

Ukraine and Poland would set up a coordination council for 2012 Euro football tournament, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has said. Yushchenko held a meeting with his Polish counterpart Lech Kaczynski in Ukraine Monday to discuss the issues pertaining to the organization of Euro 2012.

I uploaded this video to Youtube as I consider this very important for our country. If we do not get ready for European Union and for Euro 2012, nobody will welcome us there. Look at this unnatural cruelty. Is this fair for the young girl. I publish this under Proud to Be Ukrainian, but it should be Shame for Being Ukrainian under this context. What is unique in our country. I think human relationships here are great. People are caring and hospitable. We have to pay much attention to preserving […]

The gadgets sold with the logo of Poland-Ukraine Bid are illegal. The Internet domain names including references to EURO 2012 that are registered on mass scale may prove to be worthless. In their bid Poland and Ukraine committed themselves to support UEFA in enforcement of its industrial property rights covering the rights to the logo of Poland and Ukraine bid and logo of the future Championships. Authorities of both countries are to help the organizers in combating the so-called ambush marketing, i.e. practices consisting in marketing of goods and services […]

Warsaw (dpa) – Poland’s Ministry of Transport Thursday said roadworks ahead of the Euro 2012 football play-offs were on target, denying claims to the contrary made by road construction experts. On Monday, Polish experts insisted the country was nearly 13 billion dollars short of the 47 billion dollars it needed to make the country’s derelict road network ready for an influx of football fans for the Euro 2012 playoffs.

Poland and Ukraine today won the bid to host the UEFA EURO 2012 Soccer Championship. The decision by the UEFA Executive Committee came as a most welcome surprise for two nations currently mared by political crisis. Beating the odds against favourite contender Italy, UEFA in a seminal decision opted for development instead of profit. By this brave and strategic decision, UEFA clearly showed that soccer is a concern for all or Europe, and not merely a concern of mighty nations of the EU. Sport is politics. This has been evident […]

  But wait a minute…have UEFA been smoking too many Jamaican cigarettes, or something?We watched with baited breath as UEFA president, Michele Platini (above), stood on stage in Cardiff, Wales, and slowly tore open the envelope. It was between Croatia/Hungary, Italy and Poland/Ukraine. Everyone expected Italy. Half of me didn’t want Poland to win, as I knew I would have to throw together something about the story in about half an hour. The other half of me – the footballing half (the bits with legs and feet) – wanted Poland […]