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26/02/2008 Leave a Comment

Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk declared a donation from the national budget – the one-third of the whole building cost – for those cities that organize football Euro Championship. Confederation of Polish Employers claims that it is a good step in a good direction.tusk

The present-day press conference of the Prime Minister showed that all the preparation to the EURO 2012 are conducted on schedule. However, UEFA has recently criticized our previous achievements and rebuked an organizational chaos with too much politics’ influence on championship’s preparation – claim CPE representatives.

On many occasions, Confederation Polish Employers showed the borders that had hindered proper arrangements of EURO 2012 and presented posibilities of their solution. CPE also indicated that the wrong building code will just elongate the completion date of the whole investment (sometimes their formal arrangement occupies a half of the whole investment’s time).

This problem is additionally intensified by the lack of spacious management’s plans which elongates the procedures. CPE experts pay attention to the improvement of a real estate dealing. Many lands have unregulated legislative status and the procedures of repurchase or compulsory purchase are long-lasting and complicated. Any changes in the act of housing are

essential as the expropriation proceeding can last even several months. What is more, further reference and complaining to the Supreme Administrative Court may even elongate the procedures for another months. What is needed here is a maximum deformalization of such procedures, of course with the rule of constitutional law’s property protection.

Many times CPE asserted that the usage of public-private partnership institution is necesary in preparation of Euro 2012. The PPP model is used to the realization of infrastructural investments in the West of Europe.In Poland, for over two years of the act, just several public-private partnership agreements have been contracted. Furthermore, they had a regional

character. Disadvantages of the act and reluctant position of authorities are the reason of such delays.

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