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05/08/2007 Leave a Comment

After admitting Poland and Ukraine Euro 2012 there were many promises, but work have moved from hoof none, because politicians have important cases today. The goverment occupy instead of wanted acts, it has gone on vacations it writes – “Rzeczpospolita”. Three months have passed from election poland and meantime on hosts in 2012 in poland ukraine euro , beyond appointing several committee and it make many high-sounding declarations a few if it walks about preparation for performance. Stadia omitting unexisting, hotels and highways, as it happens, that complete stagnation reigns from bureaucratic part even.

Lack put however, projects of acts lie in sejm about partnership private – publicly and public orders, voting is with artistry in beginning of investment related which is essential. However, representatives have left on holidays.

Does not have budget does not have approved budget on year 2007 – staff organizational euro 2012 else and it is sponsored from reserve of ministry of sport.

Lack of minister of sport will will become delegation waits to tuesday polish football union – and have be in portugal ministry of sport. Meeting with minister of sport plan earlier Gilberto Madailem, who has prepared euro 2004, however, it has been canceled by part poland. Meaning lost departure without such minister. Elizabeth has become minister Jakubiak, chief of cabinet of president polish republic, but it isn’t known, when it will will become. It was said earlier, that she will be minister euro – coordinator in questions, but this information is already out of time. They wait for new distributing – people one of member of organizational staff has said – anonymously. do not do not know – it, which have been appointed by july, they have been placed in none too comfortable situation, because they do not do not know , that their waits . But mention whole ministry yet hard and staff. That will be, if it will come for speed up choice will win civil platform and? If half of committee will be changed , from today’s ministers compound? People in such conditions, although they work normally, begin thinking about it, but about artistry not.

Does not have coordinators should transfer for for preparation july euro 2012 – to the end polish surname coordinator responsible UEFA. It is not possible to make it, because government is busy with serious cases, but does not have minister of sport.

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