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04/06/2009 Leave a Comment

Building a Stadium for Wrocław Euro 2012The ground for construction of the Public stadium in Wrocław was the first one to be prepared among all of the stadium for Euro 2012.

After seemingly difficult tasks which included removing several thousands of terraces , dehydration of the ground and replacement of the grounds, the authorities of Wrocław had to face much more harder task. The complexity of the bidding procedure and intrigues of the competing for this prestigious investment resulted in the fact that the Cort will have to select the company who will build the facility in Wrocław.

The final decision was made on the 9th of April. It gave the Greek Ligot for signing the final required contract before building the object. Wrocław did not keep anyone in waiting and on the 14th of April the contract between the representatives of the capital of the Lower Silesia and the Polish-Greek consortium under the direction of Mostostal Warsaw was signed. In the same time symbolically the construction works were initiated.

The nearest month will be devoted to transportation of heavy equipment, fencing the area and building process roads in Maslice district in Wrocław. For the first ground works we will have to wait till the turn of May and June and the stadium itself will ‘come out’ of the ground in July. According to the representatives of the company’s consortium the construction of the facility will be completed in a year. Meanwhile the result of the bidding will be determined in which the operator of the stadium will be Chojen. He/She will be responsible for administration of the facility and organizing events.

Wroclaw stadium euro 2012 Wroclaw stadium euro 2012 Wroclaw stadium euro 2012
Wroclaw stadium euro 2012 Wroclaw stadium euro 2012 Wroclaw stadium euro 2012
Wroclaw stadium euro 2012 Wroclaw stadium euro 2012 Wroclaw stadium euro 2012

Project of Wroclaw stadium euro 2012 area

To sum up

Hard times came to the Polish cities–candidates. On the 13th of May, under the direction of Michel Platini UEFA will decide which Polish cities will be the hosts of Euro. The chairman of UEFA emphasized that Poland and Ukraine significantly improved the conditions of their preparations for Euro. The Frenchmen during his visits emphasized several times that there are no reserve cities. And Euro will be hosted by the best prepared cities. In the same time, the chairman of UEFA admitted that the appearing stadiums will be ‘excellent’ In a similar tone were the opinions of the chairman of the Polish Soccer Association and the minister of sport and tourism- Mirosław Drzewiecki.

It has to be mentioned that the co-organizator of Euro 2012 accelerated the investments for Euro 2012 The rich oligarchs supported the cities on the west of the country where ultramodern, breath taking stadium are being built. Also in Rother cities quarrels we replaced by hard work. Which cities will be organizing the matches? What will be the division between the countries-organizators? We will have to wait few weeks for the answer during which we will be flooded with a many speculations on which city will get it and which will envy the rest.

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