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26/06/2008 Leave a Comment

Controversial British judge Graham Poll thinks, that with one’s attitude on Euro 2008 Howard Webb proved that he was the best English arbiter and on the next Euro he can take even some of three most important meetings. However Euro 2012 will take place in Poland and in the Ukraine, and taking into consideration the real hostility Polish fans treat Webb with which, they could treat it as the malice on the part of the UEFA what isn’t a good idea for calm carrying out championships.

howard web

Howard Webb wasn’t appointed for leading of none of meetings in the cup phase Euro 2008. It means that English arbiters refereed none of such a match already from seven important championships – recently Philip made a success of it for Don River in 1994 and so Webb attached the yr to Durkin Paul, Mike of Riley, David Elleray, Dermot Gallagher and the most well-known British judge of the last years – Graham Poll.

– Very well I know, what Webb smells. Around of the ones of everyone premature of “ruling out” in 2006 wasn’t only mine at the same time with debut, but was understandable – is saying Poll, which in the match of the F group between Croatia and Australia (2:2, Australia resulted from the group) fired only a too third yellow card from the Josipa Simunicia court! – it is unreal, in order to young, relatively the inexperienced judge went to the first large championships and he got the semi-final or the end. Webb has the chance to it only on the next European championships or MŚ in 2014 in Brazil – predicts Poll. – already proved that he was our No.. 1. Young enough and good so that are chosen to best 30. of judges UEFA. A world scene will be his next challenge – is praising the controversial Poll arbiter.

Webb was already put on the list of potential arbiters on MŚ in the RSA in 2010 the yr soon is going on the seminar to the Beijing, on which the list will be edged to 40, and in the summer of the New Year will be appointed final 24.

– An overall view of his debut on great championships must be satisfactory. He managed with two matches, in which he had two arguable situations – a judge thinks. – from the offside should not recognize the Goal. The penalty was right, but the bad luck wanted, that he had happened in the very unfortunate moment of the match what to it and its family the unhealthful interest imported. However it isn’t possible to criticize Poles. English fans cannot also be proud from antagonizing the wonderful Swiss arbiter, Urs Meier, after how he disregarded the goal for the representation of England in the quarter-finals against Portugal (England lost in 5:6 penalties – mk). Coming back to Euro 2008, it is necessary to say Michel still is impressing with Lubos. Peter Frojdfelt very well deals footballers with, and an UEFA certified his position, defending it after the controversial goal van Nistelrooya. The Massimo Busacca Swiss and the Belgian Frank De are slowly becoming Bleeckere with leading judges, proving that it isn’t necessary to come from the country being famous for good footballers in order to be at the lead. If it is about England, we must believe in Howard of Webb. He knows that he has my support. And now also supporting the rest of football world – is finishing in the hope of Poll.

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