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19/03/2012 7 Comments


Capital of Pomorskie Voivodship and the largest city in Pomerania Region (450 000 citizens). Wraz z Gdynią i Sopotem tworzy Trójmiasto – główną polską aglomerację nad Morzem Bałtyckim z ponad 1 mln mieszkańców. Its history dates back over 1000 years ago and the most significant historic sites are located in Główne Miasto (Main Town) in Gdańsk (such as medieval Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – one of the largest brick churches in the world).

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Capital of Wielkopolska Region and Wielkopolskie Voivodship, fifth largest city in Poland in terms of population (550 000 citizens) with over 1000-year tradition, with history dating back to the beginnings of the Polish state. In the cathedral situated in Ostrów Tumski first sovereigns of Poland are buried: Mieszko I and Bolesław Chrobry.

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Capital and the largest city of Poland (1.7 million citizens, agglomeration: over 3 million), key political, economic, academic and cultural centre of the country, situated by significant European transport routes (from Baltic countries to the south of Europe, from Berlin to Moscow). Seat of the Parliament, President and Government of the Republic of Poland, as well as of the largest Polish university (University of Warsaw), National Bank of Poland and Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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Capital and largest city of Lower Silesia Region, fourth largest city in Poland (630 000 citizens) and biggest economic, academic and cultural centre of Silesia Region. Oldest preserved record of Wrocław may be found in the papal edict from 1000 under which the bishop’s office was established in the settlement. Over its rich history the city was incorporated within borders of Poland, Czech, Habsburg Kingdom, Prussia, France, Germany, and finally after World War II again fell to Poland.

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