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Capital and largest city of Lower Silesia Region, fourth largest city in Poland (630 000 citizens) and biggest economic, academic and cultural centre of Silesia Region. Oldest preserved record of Wrocław may be found in the papal edict from 1000 under which the bishop’s office was established in the settlement. Over its rich history the city was incorporated within borders of Poland, Czech, Habsburg Kingdom, Prussia, France, Germany, and finally after World War II again fell to Poland.

Wrocław is distinguished by unique and original architectural style. Despite major devastation due to war many historic sites were preserved. Most important of them are, among others: Gothic city hall on the Market Square, St. John metropolitan cathedral in Ostrów Tumski, St. Mary Magdalene cathedral, baroque complex of main facilities of the University of Wrocław. Wrocław is also a jewel of post-war modernist architecture with such sites as Hala Ludowa, department store Renoma or Petersdorff. There are over 8 000 historic tenements preserved in the city – which is one of the greatest complexes of this type in Europe.

For several centuries the citizens and visitors could admire the tower of Gothic St. Elisabeth basilica. Today 212-meter high skyscraper Sky Tower is being erected which is supposed to be the symbol of dynamic changes the city has been undergoing within recent years. Wrocław is also a major cultural centre with sites such as: the Opera in Wrocław, Philharmonic Orchestra, dozen or so theatres and festivals (e.g. drama festival Dialog and film festival Era New Horizons). The was chosen European Capital of Culture 2016.

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