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04/10/2007 21 Comments

Recently we have many hotels and apartments offers from polish cities


Gdansk is the Polish maritime capital with the population nearing half a million. It is a large center of economic life, science, culture, and a popular tourist destination. Lying on the Bay of Gdansk and the southern cost of the Baltic Sea the city is a thousand years old. With its Hanseatic tradition, it has for ages played a major role in the commercial relationships between Northern and Western Europe on the one hand, and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe on the other hand. Today, Gdansk is the capital of the Pomeranian province and an important administration center.

The sleeping capacity of Gdansk outside the hotel system amounts to 9214 (youth hostels – 358 persons, camping fields – 360 persons, private lodging – 3208 persons, student dormitories – 5288 persons).

As of the end of 2004 in Pomerania Region there were over 800 facilities offering accommodation, including 95 hotels of all categories, within 75 km distance from Gdansk. Those facilities offer the total sleeping capacity of 90 thousand. Additionally the region has its own lodging base, e.g. private lodgings, agrotourism farms. Their total sleeping capacity is about 300 thousand. Dynamic development of tourism in this region allows for an assumption that by 2012 the sleeping capacity of available accommodation will increase by 30-45%, mainly in facilities of medium and high class. Look at the Gdansk hotels offer


Poznań is a city in west-central Poland with over 578,900 inhabitants (2002). Located by the Warta River, it is one of the oldest cities in Poland, making it an important historical centre. Poznań’s impressive cathedral is the earliest cathedral in the country, containing the tombs of the first Polish rulers: duke Mieszko I, king Boleslaus the Brave, king Mieszko II, duke Casimir I the Restorer, duke Przemysł I and king Przemysł II.
Today the city is a vibrant centre of trade, industry, and education. Poznań is Poland’s 5th largest city and 4th biggest industrial centre. It is also the administrative capital of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Look at the Poznan hotels offer


Warsaw is the capital of Poland and its largest city. It is located on the Vistula River roughly 370 kilometers (229.9 mi) from both the Baltic Sea coast and the Carpathian Mountains. Its population as of 2006 was estimated at 1,700,536, with a metropolitan area of approximately 2,900,000 to 3,000,000 people. The city area amounts to 516.9 square kilometers (199.6 sq mi), with an agglomeration of 6,100.43 square kilometers (2,355.4 sq mi) (Warsaw Metro Area – Obszar Metropolitalny Warszawy). Warsaw is the 7th biggest city in the European Union.

In the capital city and in the radius of 75 km from the city center there are many pensions, inns, youth hostels, student dormitories, camping fields, tourist centers, private lodgings and other night lodgings, which can provide additional accommodation during UEFA EURO 2012. Those facilities offer the total sleeping capacity of approximately 23,000, of standard varying from high to tourist (i.e. camping fields). Some of those facilities are located in areas attractive for tourists (e.g. Zalew Zegrzynski, Puszcza Kampinoska, Puszcza Kozienicka, Wisla, Pilica). Look at the Warsaw Hotels offer


Wroclaw – the capital of Lower Silesia – is one of the oldest cities of Poland. Its turbulent history is embedded in the city walls and buildings. Thus, the city abounds in historic sights erected in various epochs and in different architectural styles.

Apart from being charmingly historic, Wroclaw is also a well-known cultural centre offering world-famous artistic events like music concerts, festivals, theatrical performances, international exhibitions.

In Wroclaw and its neighborhood there are many sites offering accommodation – cheap hotels, tourist houses, motels, youth hostels and camping fields. The total of: 62 hotels and tourist houses, 5 hostels, 4 camping fields and bivouac fields, with sleeping capacity of about 17,000. Look at the Wroclaw hotels offer


Chorzow, located in the very heart of the Katowice agglomeration, was only a few years back a typical Upper Silesian centre of huge industry. Transformations, taking place in the country along with a decade of the restored self-government caused the change of the city image.
The city has become more beautiful. It has been developing and utilising its capacities: central location in the region, convenient railway connections, already existing and constructed road arteries (Cross-Town Route and A-4 Motorway), close proximity to an airport in Pyrzowice, Katowice – the capital of the Voivodeship of Silesia in the immediate vicinity, traditions of the powerful craftsmanship environment, prospering trade and services, as well as the unique in Europe Voivodeship Culture and Leisure Park located within the city limits. Look at the Chorzow hotels offer


rakow, a city wrapped in legend, where time flows differently, and where every moment becomes a moment of history. For centuries Krakow was the capital of Poland, the seat of kings, drawing great scholars and artists from the whole world. It is their talents and imagination we must thank for the city’s rich legacy of unique historical relics, which reflect the most important trends in European culture.
The renaissance Royal Castle at Wawel, the gothic St Mary’s Basilica, the historical trade pavilions of the Cloth Hall, the former separate Jewish city of Kazimierz, and even the Nowa Huta district, absorbed by Krakow together with its socialist-realist, industrial architecture, are all places which make a visit to Krakow extremely worthwhile.

Krakow and its nearest surroundings offer a vast accommodation base (apart from hotels). In Krakow itself hostels, private lodgings, dormitories and camping fields have sleeping capacity of about 20 thousand. In the radius of 75 km from the stadium, there are facilities other than hotels with sleeping capacity of about 3000. The number of facilities offering such accommodation is constantly growing, which will help guarantee adequate sleeping capacity by 2012. Look at the Cracow hotels offer

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