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29/03/2012 2 Comments

Numerous sites in Poland and Ukraine begin to display the symbol of Inclusive Zones contributing to a friendly multi-cultural atmosphere at EURO 2012. Schools, NGOs, local authorities, cultural institutions, community centres, sports clubs as well as businesses, shops and pubs have all been invited to join the initiative.

The Inclusive Zones initiative is a part of the multi-faceted ‘RESPECT Diversity – Football Unites’ project in frames of the official UEFA EURO 2012 Social Responsibility programme. The project is delivered on behalf of the FARE network by by its long-established regional partner, the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association. The project’s objective is to promote the positive message of diversity and the power of football to unite across differences, while monitoring and addressing the social and political undercurrents of discrimination, racism and intolerance.

The principle that underpins the Inclusive Zone idea is a simple one – the creation of hundreds of public use buildings and spaces that are designated as being open, accessible and welcoming to people regardless of their ethnic or national background, gender, disability or sexual orientation. The Inclusive Zones are visible and marked through posters and stickers. As part of the initiative each site involved receives specially designed materials and information about ongoing anti-discrimination activities before, during and after EURO 2012 and in this way they become part of a broad and lasting anti-discrimination network.

Mobile Fan Zones will be a special form of promotion of the Inclusive Zones and the RESPECT Diversity message during EURO 2012 going beyond the host cities. From 8 June till 1 July, five special trucks under the heading Fan City Tour will visit about 100 cities and towns across Poland. The Mobile Fan Zones will contribute to a festive atmosphere through public viewing of the games, community events and educational activities with the expected direct participation of around 200,000 people. These events are co-organized by EURO 2012 official sponsors with the participation of the Union of Polish Local Communities and the Union of Polish Cities and with the support of Polish Television – the Official Broadcaster of UEFA EURO 2012.

Moreover, the Inclusive Zones and RESPECT Diversity message will be promoted, among others, at the Carlsberg Fan Camps. Combining the atmosphere of the stadium, pub, picnic and accommodation zone in one place, the Carlsberg Fan Camps will be located in EURO 2012 host cities Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk/Sopot and Poznan.

Special activities highlighting Inclusive Zones and RESPECT Diversity are also planned, among others, in Krakow, where England, Holland and Italy teams will be based and numerous fans are expected to visit the city during the European Championships.

FARE acts as an umbrella organisation for a network of partners in 40 countries challenging racism and discrimination throughout Europe. The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association is an educational and monitoring organization established in Poland in 1996. Since 2009, ‘NEVER AGAIN’ has coordinated the FARE East European Development Project supported by UEFA in the run up to EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.

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  1. Boycott Euro-2012

    1. Why do we call to boycott the UEFA EURO 2012 in Ukraine?

    Ukraine needs democracy and freedom, not the show. In the 21st century the dictatorship is reviving in the center of Europe. Opposition leaders are in prison, the government limits a free press and restricts civil rights and liberties, destroys small and medium-sized businesses, supports criminals.

    We ask the international community to boycott the Ukrainian part of the UEFA EURO 2012 and thus to express its condemnation of political repression, Yanukovych’s aggressive attacks against democratic freedoms in Ukraine, as well as the daily cruel killing of animals, approved by the Ukrainian government as “a preparation for the UEFA EURO 2012.”

    2. What is the ultimate goal of the boycott of the Ukrainian part of the UEFA EURO 2012?

    Our task is not to cancel the football games. From a realistic point of view it is already impossible to do it.

    Instead our goal is to deliver the truth about the events in Ukraine to as many Europeans as possible – the events that have nothing to do with European values, European spirit and the word “EURO” in the championship’s title.

    We want the European and the international community to show the rejection of the undemocratic, illegal and inhumane acts of the Yanukovych regime in Ukraine.

    We ask the EU, the USA and all other countries to restrict entry of the Ukrainian top officials involved in political repressions and assaults on democracy, to block their foreign bank accounts and to freeze their property abroad.

    We also appeal to the heads of the economically developed countries and international organizations to limit cooperation with the current government of Ukraine until the release of political prisoners, restoration of freedom of speech and other civil liberties and the unconditional guarantee of fair elections.

    3. What can I do to support the boycott of UEFA EURO 2012 in Ukraine?

    – Help people of Ukraine to fight for their future. Join the boycott of the UEFA EURO 2012 in Ukraine.

    – Deliver this appeal to politicians, journalists and civil society organizations in your country.

    – Avoid travelling to Ukraine during the UEFA EURO 2012.

    – Contact the Football Federation of your country by mail, fax or e-mail, in order to limit the stay (the accommodation, training and press conferences) of your national team in Ukraine because of the international boycott of the Ukrainian part of the UEFA EURO 2012.

    – Do not watch football matches from Ukraine live. You can always find the results of the match or watch it later recorded, and the downgrade of live broadcasts will be recorded in statistics and this will confirm the success of the boycott.

    – Do not buy the merchandise items of the Euro championship related to Ukraine to show that this is not an event that you want to be proud of.

    – Help us create banners and flyers for the boycott of UEFA EURO 2012 in your language and distribute them among friends.

    4. Where can I learn more about the boycott of EURO 2012 and contact supporters?

    You can visit the official Facebook page

    or contact at

    Say NO to EURO 2012 in Ukraine! We need freedom and democracy, not the show!

  2. Polska! Bialo Czerwoni!

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