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21/05/2007 5 Comments

Poland and Ukraine have been chosen to host the 2012 European Championships.

Euro 2012 is a great transportation challenge for the host countries. Poland and the Ukraine must ensure that spectators are able to transfer freely between the cities where games will take place, as well as around these cities. These preparations are supervised by coordinators of transportation and airports. Their task it to make sure the construction and adaptation of roads, highways, train stations and railroads, together with airports – from planning to the moment of obtaining operating permits. They cooperate closely with institutions responsible for carrying out these investments, above others with the General Board for National Roads and Highways, The Polish Railroad Bureau for Strategy and Development, the Polish State Railways Ltd. Bureau for Implementing Investments, and airport owners.

Most spectators at the games in June 2012 will have arrived by air. In connection with this, the airports in the host cities need modernizing, which usually means expanding, in practice. Moreover, for the time of the championships additional passenger terminals will be open. Efficient transportation between the cities’ centers and the airports is equally important, as well as good public transportation inside the cities.

The alternative for flying is railroad. In Poland the process of modernization of the main lines is taking place, and it is to be continued in the coming years. Additionally, both in Poland and the Ukraine, there are plans to modernize the key train stations so that they can serve more passengers. In case of motor transportation, Poland will be continuing its investment plans to modernize the existing road infrastructure and build new express roads and highways.

In a few cities (Chorzów, Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw) works on connecting the airport to the city center by railroad are in progress. This will ensure greater capacity and shorten the time of travel as well as have another advantage: it will be more environmentally friendly. In the remaining two cities road infrastructure is modernized in order to make the car and bus transportation more effective and quicker. All the six cities are planning to modernize and expand the tramway infrastructure and purchase new, modern trains.

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