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03/05/2012 18 Comments

A group of Polish folk-singing grandmothers on Wednesday won the race to choose Poland‘s official team anthem for the looming European championships on home soil.

The 18-member group “Jarzebina” – Polish for rowanberry – swept aside established opponents including established rock and pop names, a ska band and a rapper with their upbeat ethno-tune “Koko Euro Spoko”, which translates loosely as “Clucking Cool Euro”.

Poland’s football association had opened its “White and Red Hit” competition to all comers, with the list honed down to 10 ahead of a live concert on Wednesday where television viewers were able to cast mobile phone text ballots.

Jarzebina’s success follows that of a similar outfit in Russia, the “Buranovskiye Babushki” (Buranovo Grannies), a group of elderly village women who were chosen to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest later this month.

Euro 2012 marks the first-ever edition of the quadrennial football showcase to take place in eastern Europe, with Poland hosting the tournament along with neighbouring Ukraine.

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  1. ePic song! Hahaha :D

  2. Oh my god. Poland apologizes! We were drunk when we voted xD

  3. At least we showed that we have good sense of humour :D

  4. This is a great mistake. I do not know how it happened…….

  5. I am from Poland and I am proud of that song.

  6. That’s so cool :) “Clucking Cool Euro”

  7. “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro”
    ****************************** :) That’s so cool :) ******************************
    “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro” “Clucking Cool Euro”

  8. Canada loves “Koko Euro Spoko” song :-)

  9. You’re kidding, right? xD

  10. It’s great. I love it! It’s ear-catching!!!! Poland rocks!

  11. you know what..? we can laugh sometimes ^^

  12. Wow! Nice song! WTF is wrong with you guys? Why do you criticize your own country and your own folk music?

  13. It’ s great! Something different :D

  14. Very cool song. Makes you smile. I always said our grannys rock.
    Koko, koko Euro spoko :)

  15. Aloha!!! Kokokoko Spoko just no comments , beauty is in all of POLISH SONGS , if You don’t like it, don’t lessen . Go for F…nothing in Your lives , or play video game or go back on Your Facebook .HOW MANY OF YOU JERKS WILL SEE IT A LIVE in Poland ? I WILL >>>>>>>>HA HA HA

  16. I like it. Its catchy, and it is definitely Polish, which I like.

    Still, it is kind of funny to have a bunch of old women wearing traditional folk dresses representing a nation’s soccer team. I can see how people would be shocked, or disappointed, or find themselves laughing hysterically.

  17. That song is great! Nice to hear! It’s very energetic! You can be proud of your grandmothers!

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