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07/05/2011 Leave a Comment

The main sports arena in Ukraine, which will host the finals of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament, now has a logo.

Soccer fans could enter a contest to have their logo chosen to represent the tourney. The winner is designer and soccer fan Sergey Melnik, who lives in Dubai. The logo is supposed to represent the inside of the stadium.

Sergey’s brother traveled to Kyiv to accept the $1,200 prize on his brother’s behalf.

[Alexander Melnik, Winner’s Brother]: “This is a membrane that is stretched over the stadium, and the viewer will see something like this angle.”

Over 260 works from 150 people were entered. Ukrainians chose the top six. And from April 21st to the 27th, a jury met to decide on a winner.

But even though the prize has been awarded, some members of the jury say that the logo still needs more work.

[Valery Sushkevich, President, Paralympic Committee of Ukraine]: “It lacks many aspects, in particular – the national identity. I would add colors of the flag to this graphic design.”

The 14th Euro 2012 tournament will take place in Poland and Ukraine in June and July of 2012. The final match will be played in Kyiv on July 1st.

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