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17/03/2012 170 Comments

UEFA approved the schedule of UEFA Euro 2012 in Minsk, Belarus on October 4, 2010. Below you can find information about all the Euro 2012 schedule, dates of matches, fixtures, results. All times are in BST.

Local time in Poland is in UTC+1 so local kick-off times in Poland are 18:00 and 20:45. Local time in Ukraine is one hour ahead in UTC+2, so local kick-off in Ukraine are 19:00 and 21:45.

In Poland, Wroclaw and Poznan will host three group stage matches, while Gdansk will stage three group stage matches and a quarter-final. Warsaw will host three group stage fixtures, including the opening Group A game, as well as a quarter-final and a semi-final. Poland will play their first two games in Warsaw, and their third in Wroclaw.

In Ukraine, Kharkiv and Lviv will stage three group stage matches, Donetsk will host three group stage games, a quarter-final and a semi-final, and Kiev will be the venue for three group stage matches, a quarter-final and the final. Ukraine will play their opening Group D fixture in Kiev, and their other two group games in Donetsk.

Euro 2012 Schedule

Euro 2012 Group Stage Fixtures

Friday, June 8
Group A: Poland – Greece (1-1) (National Stadium Warsaw, Warsaw, 17:00)
Group A: Russia – Czech Republic (4-1) (Municipal Stadium Wroclaw, Wroclaw, 19:45)

Saturday, June 9
Group B: Netherlands – Denmark (0-1) (Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv, 17:00)
Group B: Germany – Portugal (1-0) (Arena Lviv, Lviv, 19:45)

Sunday, June 10
Group C: Spain – Italy (1-1) (PGE Arena Gdansk, Gdansk, 17:00)
Group C: Republic of Ireland – Croatia (1-3) (Municipal Stadium Poznan, Poznan, 19:45)

Monday, June 11
Group D: France – England (1-1) (Donbass Arena, Donetsk, 17:00)
Group D: Ukraine – Sweden (2-1) (Olympic Stadium, Kyiv, 19:45)

Tuesday, June 12
Group A: Greece – Czech Republic (1-2) (Municipal Stadium Wroclaw, Wroclaw, 17:00)
Group A: Poland – Russia (1-1) (National Stadium Warsaw, Warsaw 19:45)

Wednesday, June 13
Group B: Denmark – Portugal (2-3) (Arena Lviv, Lviv, 17:00)
Group B: Netherlands – Germany (0-2) (Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv, 19:45)

Thursday, June 14
Group C: Italy – Croatia (Municipal Stadium Poznan, 17:00)
Group C: Spain – Republic of Ireland (PGE Arena Gdansk, Gdansk, 19:45)

Friday, June 15
Group D: Sweden – England (1-2) (Donbass Arena, Donets, 17:00)
Group D: Ukraine – France (0-2) (Olympic Stadium, Kyiv, 19:45)

Saturday, June 16
Group A: Czech Republic – Poland (1-0) (National Stadium Warsaw, 19:45)
Group A: Greece – Russia (1-0) (Municipal Stadium Wroclaw, 19:45)

Sunday, June 17
Group B: Portugal – Netherlands (2-1) (Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv, 19:45)
Group B: Denmark – Germany (1-2) (Arena Lviv, Lviv, 19:45)

Monday, June 18
Group C: Croatia – Spain (0-1) (PGE Arena Gdansk, Gdansk, 19:45)
Group C: Italy – Republic of Ireland (2-0) (Municipal Stadium Poznan, Poznan, 19:45)

Tuesday, June 19
Group D: England – Ukraine (1-0) (Olympic Stadium, Kyiv, 19:45)
Group D: Sweden – France (2-0) (Donbass Arena, Donetsk, 19:45)

Euro 2012 Quarter Finals Fixtures

Thursday, June 21
QF1: Czech Republic – Portugal (0-1) (National Stadium Warsaw, Warsaw, 19:45)

Friday, June 22
QF2: Germany – Greece (4-2) (PGE Arena Gdansk, Gdansk, 19:45)

Saturday, June 23
QF3: Spain – France (2-0) (Donbass Arena, Donetsk, 19:45)

Sunday, June 24
QF4: England – Italy (0-0 2-3 in penalties) (Olympic Stadium, Kyiv, 19:45)

Euro 2012 Semi Finals

Wednesday, June 27
SF1: Portugal – Spain (0-0 3-4 in penalties) (Olympic Stadium, Kyiv, 19:45)

Thursday, June 28
SF2: Germany – Italy (1-2) (National Stadium Warsaw, Warsaw, 19:45)

Euro 2012 Final

The Euro 2012 Final will be played in Kiev (Ukraine) on Sunday 1st July.

Sunday, July 1
Winner Spain – Italy (4-0) (Olympic Stadium, Kyiv , 19:45)


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