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05/05/2012 7 Comments

In the opening match at Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, the Poles will pit themselves with the national team of Greece.

The balance of matches with European Champions from 2004 is surprisingly positive for our team. Poland won 10 out of 15 matches, there were two draws and three times our team left the pitch defeated. Balance of goals is 29-11 to our benefit. For the last time, we had the chance to pit ourselves with Greeks in March last year, and the match ended with a goalless draw.

It is very difficult to predict the progress of that duel and its outcome. Our team will surely be under immense pressure, but let’s hope that it disappears when the fans start a fantastic cheering. The strong point of our team will be Robert Lewandowski, supported by fast wingers who will be the driving engine of our team.

Very important will be the extent to which the Greeks allow us to play; the Poles like playing from counterattack, but the head coach Franciszek Smuda with his training staff has surely found the weak points of our rivals that will be used by our team to turn the scale to our benefit. The favorites of bookmakers are in this match the White-Reds.

In our opinion, the match will be very balanced with Poland’s predominance, and the final result will be decided in consequence of one crucial action.

Greece is not as strong as it was in 2004

As I had mentioned previously, we should theoretically defeat the Greeks, but in practice it can be quite different. After all, the Greeks are European Champions from 2004, when the event took place in Portugal. Everybody had crossed them out, nobody had given them any chance and despite that they managed to win the final match by defeating the host’s team.

So you can’t scorn them, although it is without doubt not the same team as it was in 2004. It is worth turning attention to the factor thanks to which they were able to win that trophy. At that time their absolute advantage was the solid defense, which was completely impassable. In the end, neither Spaniards, nor French, or the above mentioned Portuguese were able to get over them.

The ranking of both teams looks very discouraging. Poland is at present on 65th place while the Greece takes up a very good 14th position; although the distance between them looks like a football precipice, you still should remember that that ranking does not reflect the current shape of both teams. Nevertheless, our rivals still have footballers who are able to scare us; every football fan knows such names as Samaras, Charisteas or Gekas and this is why the Greeks should be treated with a great respect.

The situation in Greece is not too good; continuous scandals, quarrels, and lots of economic problems are factors that don’t help to consolidate the team; on the contrary, they can dishearten them and it is possible that the Greeks won’t come to Poland at all, what announced the football federation, explaining that the state’s problems could lead to the team’s expulsion from the tournament, in consequence of government’s politics aimed at interference into autonomy of the federation. The parliament of Greece passed an act that allows the state’s authorities to control the clubs finances.

We had played four times against Greeks in front of our own public and all matches ended with our victory. We scored in total 8 goals and lost only two. So we seem to have a way to cope with that rival and all we have to do is use it one more time.

Bet: Poland will win 1-0 or 2-1 with Greece.

Poland – Greece Betting Odds

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Poland win1.902.002.001.952.041.95
Greece win4.333.304.004.253.803.95
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Group A

Our bet: Poland win
Match: Poland v Greece
Stadium: National Stadium, Warsaw
Time/Date: 18:00 8th June 2012

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  1. I am Greek but I know well Polish squad and I’m telling you that you have 10 times better team than ours..! Our biggest pro is that we fight like warriors until the end of the game, but our cons are so many that probable you will easily beat us.. We don’t have goalkeeper and if Lewandowski will be in a good day he will have a party! Also you have one of the 3-4 best goalkeepers in the world (Szczęsny) and it will be very difficult to score against him.. It’s strange that both teams don’t have good central midfielders, but Polish are better… Our best forward (Samaras) plays as left winger and Piszczek can probable stop him.. If we have an advantage is our right side (Torosidis is the best Greek player of last 5 years and Salpiggidis is very useful in attack and defence too). I don’t know who’s going to play in left side for Poland but Wawrzyniak can’t scare us… So, if you stop our right side, you are much better in every other position and you will probable win..

  2. Opening match of Euro 2012 Polish footballers is very important meeting you need to collect three points in this match because of the Czechs and the Russians will probably heavier fixtures, and there can earn a total of 2 points so to departure is the meeting of the group need a win from the home crowd and with a select TRIO of Dortmund chance to win the meeting is 80% type POLAND

  3. The Poles are playing in front of his audience, which will be the twelfth player. Greece is one of the weakest teams of Euro 2012. Eliminations in their execution was not as special. Poles with Robert Lewandowski at the head should beat them in style.

  4. The key match for the Poles, in theory the easiest opponent in the very beginning, perhaps nothing better could be imagined. If we win almost certainly will advance further. Why? Poles will be winged, believe in yourself, a little down from the pressure of meeting them. How it will lose after all. I do not believe that after the defeat of the Greeks to rise. So for me this match is the most important in this tournament. Smuda mousse motivate them to come out in full and the Hellas. Known to the Greeks as they play. The defense and set pieces of the game. How do we prevent a dangerous situation with a slow, corners, etc. I think we will win., I put on 2-0 for the Polish.

  5. I’m happy that a country like Poland who does not exist in the ranking list ,underestimate a country like Greece. I dont want to bet in our victory but i can bet to that’ you will never be the champions of Europe.

  6. This game will be a 0-0 draw.
    Opening matches are typically dull affairs with neither team looking to make a mistake.
    This preview is immensely hopeful for Poland.
    Poland has not played a competitive match in years.
    Greece will sit back and wait for the extremely shaky Polish defense to make a mistake.

  7. good euro 2012 championships

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