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01/06/2012 2 Comments

The favorites of the coming European football championships are Spaniards and Germans.

The title’s defenders, who defeated the Germans four years ago, have a chance of about 34 per cent to win the whole tournament; that results from the analyze of bookmakers betting predictions Euro 2012 winner. Poland’s odds to be winner are much smaller, but as a compensation, our team can really count on advance to the next stage.

Betting on Poland can bring you a fortune, because in case of White-and-Red victory, for every PLN bet on that team the bookmakers will pay about 45 PLN. That relation means that our national team decidedly doesn’t belong to favorites. But it is not assessed as the weakest team, either, since for the victory in the tournament of such teams as Croatia, Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland or Denmark, the bookies pay even more.
Poland has a chance to advance from the group

Russia – bronze medal winner of the European championships that were played on Swiss and Austrian pitches in 2008, is the favorite of Group A, where Smuda’s team are also playing. As it comes to advance from the group, Poland is the second team that the bookmakers bet on. Favorites of Group B are Germany and Holland, Spaniards and Italians are favorites of Group C and in Group D England and France are regarded as favorites.

Yet the analysis of courses offered by bookmakers for betting on particular teams to win the champion’s title shows that there is no room for illusions in this regard. Polish national team’s odds to win the championships are illusory – depending on a bookie they are assessed as three to four per cent.

Our group rivals – Russians – are in that ranking just after us, with odds to win the title amounting to approximately five per cent. The favorites are Spaniards, whose odds to become winner of the event are estimated as 34%. For Germans it is 32%. On the third position are Dutch with odds of only 16%, while English and French are assessed for 11% each.

Will Robert Lewandowski become a Euro 2012 star?

In the category “best scorer Euro 2012” a Polish accent appears. Robert Lewandowski is the sixth most serious candidate to win that title, placed just behind Cristiano Ronaldo, Miroslav Klose and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar ex aequo on positions 3-5. But in bookmakers’ opinion, the best chances to become the best scorer have the German Mario Gomez and the Dutch Robin van Persie.

Among 65 players who are most commonly mentioned as candidates to that title, Lewandowski is unfortunately the only Polish footballer. That can be an indication, that the offensive abilities of Polish national team are rather poor.

The comparison of odds bet on the largest number of goals scored in group classification shows that teams playing in Group A will turn their special attention to defense. According to bookmakers’ opinions, the “Polish” Group A will score the least goals. The most goals are expected to be scored by Germans, Dutch, Portuguese and Danes, i.e. teams from Group B.

Euro 2012 in Austria?

The Polish team is considered a favorite in matches played Poland against Greece and Czech Republic. The Russians are regarded as a better team and it is them who are rated by bookmakers as winners in the duel with Poles.

Yet the odds on matches in Group A are very similar, what suggests that those encounters will be well matched and no final result should be surprising. On the other hand, the most one-sided duel should be the encounter between Spaniards and Irish, for in case of Green Islanders’ victory the amount paid is 10 times larger than the sum bet on that team.

Bookmakers accept even bets regarding the state of preparations to the tournament in both countries co-hosting the championships. If at least one match has to be transferred to the Austrian Ernst Happel stadium, the player who had bet on it can obtain the sum 100 times larger than the bet amount. To win even more, you have to bet on the end of world before December 21, 2012. Every PLN bet against civilization will be multiplied by the bookies by – nomen est omen – as many as 666 times.

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