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18/10/2007 15 Comments

Do the present national squad members have a chance to play?

poland players old 2Polish football was never famous for great, football stars (maybe apart from few exceptions like Boniek, Lato or Deyna).


Although slowly, but everything changes for better, because Poles are said to be those who make goalkeepers great (what a pity that only goalkeepers). One should concentrate on this crucial matter and think is it really true, and whom of the present national squad members have a chance to take part in Euro 2012. Not so long ago, we had Jurek Dudek, Adam Matysek… and that’s exactly where the problem began. At present the selector of polish football squad, Leo Beenhaker has a wide choice.

Though he counts on Artur Boruc, he could replace goalkeeper of Celtic Glasgow with Wojtek Kowalewski, Jurek boruc and zurawskiDudek, Łukasz Fabianski or even Bartosz Bialkowski. Many Polish goalkeepers decide to go aboard where most of them get good marks.

Most of them are underestimated by polish training team ( I don’t want to suggest anything), for example like one of the best goalkeepers of Greek league ( I don’t exaggerate) Arkadiusz Malarz. AEK Athens wants to have this Pole in its line-up, and it is no mean club, what is in favour of the club is the fact that a few days ago authorities of the club from Athens decided to sign a contract with a famous Brazilian representative of “coffee country” Rivaldo. Actually it was Jerzy Dudek who made the road to foreign careers easier for Poles, at first defending the access to goal from Feyenoord Rotterdam, and then being a support of Liverpool for many years. A good play of Dudek made that managers from the British Islands got interested in polish goalkeeping school.

Tomasz Kuszczak for whom wasn’t a place in Herthy Berlin’s line-up moved to West Bromwich Albion, and to Celtic Glasgow moved Artur Boruc who won hearts of “The Boys” funs. A fantastic play of Kuszczak resulted in transferring to one of the most famous English clubs, Manchester United where he is going to become a successor of Edwin Van Der Sar. After the fantastic play of Boruc in Scottish Premier League as well as in Championships League, everyone in the whole Europe talks about him. One said that AC Milan was interested in Boruc (The Winner of Championships League in the current season).

What can we say about Łukasz Fabianski. He is young as well as experienced. The new goalkeeper of Arsenal London will have to wait for his chance to play in the first team “Kanonierow”, but young age, charisma and experience on the football pitch allow him to show himself to his best advantage in England. Bartosz Bialkowski his fantastic plays alternates with injuries and spends time on substitutes’ benches, however he is worthy of attention. He had several or even more than ten great performances on the Coca Cola Championships pitches where his career also began Tomasz Kuszczak.

Wojciech Kowalewski is not anymore a goalkeeper of Spartak Moscow. After losing his place in Spartak Moscow he was for some time a captain of Russian team. But as an experienced “Gibon” he showed many times that he could defend the goal, so if he quickly changes club and he still belongs to the first line-up he will be able to come back to squad. Polish goalkeeping school is well respected in Europe and one should hope that this fact won’t change for a long time or at least till Euro 2012.

Jerzy Dudek- because of the age he doesn’t have a chance to take part in Euro 2012
Artur Boruc- if he still is in a good shape he eliminates his all faults (including lack of concentration), he will have a chance to become a world-class goalkeeper and the first goalkeeper of Polish squad during Euro 2012.
Łukasz Fabianski- if he starts playing in Arsenal, he will have a chance to take part in Euro 2012.

Tomasz Kuszczak- a play in the first line-up of team club is now the only problem of this contestant
Artur Malarz- is my personal favourite and maybe some day he will be a star of the squad. If he still plays as good as now, I’m sure that the team training squad will take notice of him.
Wojciech Kowalewski- he is not young, so I think he won’t take part in Euro 2012.


The defend of Polish football squad maybe is not as efficient as “Czestochowa defend” and as solid as The Wall of China, but we can still talk about it as one of the best formation of the current Leo Beenhaker’s team.

An experience and youth, charisma and youthful imagination, great actions on the opponent’s goal and extremely jacek baksimple mistakes called in football jargon “miscues”. All that happens to every defensive block, every team in the world, because football world doesn’t have yet an ideal team, and Polish squad certainly doesn’t belong to it. Beginnings are always tough, like it was from the beginning of Beenhaker’s work in our country.

White and red defenders didn’t deprive an experienced Dutchman of many nerves and unfortunate interventions causing heart palpitation. First matches with Denmark, later with Finland showed that “Don Leo” would have a lot of work… work which caused that today a fantastic play of our defenders helps in victories with many rivals (Portugal) who are rank higher than we are. But this fantastic play doesn’t protect us from humiliating defeats (Armenia). Fortunately there are less defends and one should hope that it won’t change for a long time. At present an experienced and popular “mosquito” that is Jacek Bak is the strength of our defence.

Many years which were spent on the French pitches in colours of Lyon or RC Lens now result in experience and charisma in squad’s play. Recently Bak signed a contract with Austria Vienna, trying to rebuild his importance and one should hope that Bak thanks to play on the Austrian pitches will be able to keep current shape for some time. Pawel Golanski, Michal Zewlakow, Marcin Wasilewski and Grzegorz Bronowicki are wings of our defence. Player’s form has an influence on who will play but it is known that one never (or very seldom) meets such situation when everybody is health or doesn’t complain about injuries. The first of them a defensive player of Kolporter Korona Kielce, is a player who thanks to fantastic play in Orange Extraclass won position in Polish squad and became one of many Beenhaker’s “new discoveries”.

A fantastic play not only in Polish league but also in some squad plays, resulted in interest from many western managers, and thanks to a trip abroad Golanski could develop his skills. Michal Zewlakow is after Bak the most experienced defensive player who is under Beenhaker’s wing. The player of Olympiakos Pireus had many selectors and he is still one of the most reliable players. An excellent play, calculation, experience and refinement in many football societies confirm that “Zewlak” is a defensive player of European class. The former player of Lech Poznan, Marcin Wasilewski decided to continue Polish tradition in Anderlecht Brussels and when an opportunity occurred he went abroad. Brilliant plays from the beginning of stay on the Belgian pitches, allowed him to won a permanent position in team. A speed and effectiveness at the rival’s goal are the greatest assets of Wasilewski. Grzegorz Bronowicki is another player from Orange Extraclass.

A fantastic dribbling, great speed and excellent play in match against Portugal showed that Beenhaker wasn’t wrong when he counted on a defensive player of Warsaw League. The centre of defence is completed mostly by football players of Vistula Cracow. Dariusz Dudka perhaps the most versatile football player in our squad on one hand can play very well and on the other hand he can mess up everything. Concentration, cunning on the pitch and lack of experience are the main flaws of Polish player. Adam Kokoszka is a player in whom believes the selector, and who still hasn’t gained trust of coaches from “White Star”. Kokoszka is certainly a promising player but in order to develop his skills he has to start playing in team club.

Arkadiusz Radomski can also play in defence but he suffers from injuries. Arkadiusz Glowacki is still a player who can develop, but he appears rarely in squad. At present Grzegorz Bartczak from Zaglebie Lublin and Jakub Wawrzyniak, a new player of League Warsaw want to play in squad.

Jacek Bak- because of his age, he doesn’t have a chance to play during Euro 2012

Pawel Golanski- a trip abroad in the West and solid shape can make that this player will be a support of squad during championships

Grzegorz Bronowicki- the same situation as in case of Pawel Golanski
Marcin Wasilewski- provided he still plays as now, he can believe in his participation in Euro 201
Dariusz Dudka- he must eliminate many flaws in his play, however I think he has a big chance
Adam Kokoszka- one, great unknown
Arkadiusz Radomski- frequent injuries, lack of solid shape and age are these factors which eliminate this player from a play in Euro 2012.



Formation which consists of halfbacks is next to the defensive block the most important formation in very football team. Without perpendicular footballs from midfielders or high passes in the direction of penalty area from wingers, forwards wouldn’t score a goal.

The Polish squad can boast about very good assistance. Mariusz Lewandowski is a mildfieder. The player of Szlachta Donieck played on various footballer’s positions but during Leo Beenhaker’s term he started playing on the position of a halfback. “Left” has an extremely strong shot from a distance, he can also assist and interfere with rivals’ action which is his main task. Euzebiusz Smolarek and Jacek Krzynowek take up positions as wingers.

First of them, is the player of German Boruss Dortmund, but one says that before the beginning of a new season he will have to find a new employer. “Ebi” is very good as a forward, but in the squad his position is a winger. Akrzynowek small good speed, experience, dribbling, cunning and effectiveness are the main assets of this player which make him indispensable in white-red team. Jacek Krzynowek takes up position on the other side of a pitch. The former player of 1.FC Nuernberg and Bayer Leverkusen where he achieved great successes also in Championships League, and at present the player of VFL Wolfsburg belongs to that kind of people who always regardless of situation do their utmost and with their strength they want to help a team. Many years which were spent in the squad under various selectors’ tutelage make him a football player who has incomparable value and experience for the national team. For one is hard to imagine the squad without “Krzynio”.

Lukasz Gargula is a midfielder of our national team. The midfielder from Belchatow treats the groin’s injury but when he is in good shape and enjoys health he becomes confident in his football actions and with unprecedented intelligence leads a play of national team. One says that he should go abroad and certainly a trip abroad to good western club could help him in developing his talent and skills, but only when he would have a position in the first line-up of his team.

Maciej Iwanski can effectively replace Gargula. The midfielder of Polish champion, Zaglebie Lublin has predispositions to become a football star of at least European stature. Great insight of a pitch, an effective technique and very good elements of play make him an ideal football player.

Przemyslaw Kazmierczak is a football star who promotes Poland in the Iberian Peninsula. The new player of FC Porto has already enjoyed a good reputation in Europe. A tall, of physical strength, agile and having extremely strong shot from a distance this player can’t make big impression in the squad, but one should hope that his time will come.

Jakub Blaszczykowski is one of the few Polish football players who has a big chance to become a world-class football star. The new winger of Boruss Dortmund possesses speed and dribbling. He is not afraid of any rival and he does not have scruples when he passes players like proverbial “beanpoles”. Radoslaw Sobolewski is a typical player who is meant to be a central midfielder. A real “tough guy” who is not afraid of rounds with opponents. The football player of Vistula Cracow has recently lost his position in starting football team of Leo Beenhaker.zaglebie_lobodzinsk

Wojciech Lobodzinski and Rafal Murawski are players who because of the presence in the squad more experienced football players do not have a permanent position although the second one has already started matches in the squad. One should hope that they will still develop and the national team will find them useful.

Jacek Krzynowek- because of his age, practically doesn’t have a chance to take part in Euro 2012
Euzebiusz Smolarek- during Euro 2012 can be a support and one of the most experienced football players of our squad
Maciej Iwanski- if the develops and goes West, he will have a chance to take part in Euro 2012
Jakub Blaszczykowski- the world before him is wide open. During Euro 2012 he has a chance to be one of the greatest football stars
Lukasz Gargula- if he hasn’t severe injuries, he goes West and doesn’t waste his talent, he will have a big chance to take part in Euro 2012
Wojciech Lobodzinski- the same situation as in case of Maciej Iwanski
Radoslaw Sobolewski- because of his age and weak form, practically he doesn’t have a chance to take part in Euro 2012

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