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17/03/2012 261 Comments

Stadiums in Poland

Warsaw – National Stadium

The National Stadium has a unique retractable PVC roof which unfolds from a nest on a needle suspended above the centre of the pitch. Read more…

Wroclaw – Municipal Stadium

The shape of the stadium is highlighted by the innovative design of its external walls. The building is covered by glass fibre mesh coated with teflon. The mesh is anchored by steel rings placed around the entire body of the stadium. The covering lends lightness and transparency to the massive structure. The colors of the external walls of the stadium can be changed using a sophisticated lighting system. Read more…

Poznan – Municipal Stadium

The stadium was originally built in 1980. In the years 2003–2010 the stadium underwent a complete reconstruction, including the building of four new fullly covered stands. Read more…

Gdansk – PGE Arena Gdansk

PGE Arena in Gdansk is considered one of the nicest stadiums in Europe. Read more…

Stadiums in Ukraine

Kiev – Olympic Stadium

The Olimpiysky stadium, also known as the Olympic Stadium from Kiev, is one of the largest in the world and the largest in Euro 2012, its main purpose is to host the final. Read more…

Kharkiv – Metalist Stadium

Metalist Stadium is the home of FC Metalist Kharkiv. The stadium, which is a venue for Euro 2012, currently seats 38,633. Read more…

Lviv – Arena Lviv

The stadium’s capacity is anticipated to be 34,915 spectators including 450 VIP sittings as well. All seats will be covered, while part of the roof assembly will be transparent to provide sufficient sunlight for the turf. Read more…

Donetsk – Donbass Arena

Donbass Arena is stadium with a natural grass pitch in Donetsk, that opened on 29 August 2009. The facility is located in the center of the city, in the Lenin Comsomol park. With a capacity of 52,518 spectators, the Stadium hosts FC Shakhtar Donetsk matches. Read more…

  1. Gz stadiums! Russia is not a Slavic nation!!!! Only: Slovenia, Croatia, Czech, Slovakia and with beautiful girls Poland!!!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing a few matches. Maybe in Gdansk. I live in Sweden but there is a ferry to Poland which is perfect. Been a few times and the weather is usually good. Beaches are great. But watch out for the pick pockets.

  3. russia is not slavic???? what planet r u on

  4. ever heard the legend of lech czech and rus u damn idiot

  5. Hey There, Footbal for unity ! That’s the main of Euro 2012. Please respect one each other. You can share your idea or opinion, but please show it on a right way. Ok :)

    My warm regar from Asia,
    Andhie Ananta

  6. Poland and Ukraine are not poor countries! We have beautiful history, awesome and cold vodka, a lot of monuments , fantastic people and the most beautiful women in the world !!! Euro 2012 is an event which have to connect people not stir !

  7. Some very nice stadiums in there! I’m pretty sure both countries will be putting on a good show and i’m hoping England will be there and i’ll be travelling out for the experience. I’m yet to visit Ukraine but my visits to Poland have been very good!

  8. We are better off than the jerks think this is a poor country, start reading about history before you write, know what you are writing before sounding like a fool.

  9. Oh dear… people, please be a reasonable! I seen on this website many inappropriate comments. I’m very disappointed, cuz many people are racists, they are not educated and disrespectful. Anyway, Ukraine and Poland make a big show and they should give a new tournament standards for all Europe countries! Viva Ukraine and Poland! <3

  10. I am an English guy married to a Polish lady for 15 years. I first went to Poland in 1996 not that long after the fall of communism.We have visited nearly every year for holidays. I cant begin to explain what great and friendly people I have had the privilege to know and also the dramatic changes and progress the country has undertaken . The Poles should be very proud of there achievements and should pity the lowlife minority bad commenting on this page with there pea sized brains.

    God bless Poland and its people!
    Damo UK

  11. I’m a Canadian with Polish parents and I am super proud to be polish! Resilience, courage and strength have kept this nation alive from oppression for more than a thousand years! Every time I go back to visit my family and friends, the improvements are amazing. Poland has had an extremely rough history so yes there are some racists, but it makes sense! Wouldn’t you be paranoid if you’ve been invaded by every neighbor you’ve ever had? This is also changing and the Polish majority are opened minded. Go Polska! I’m keeping my figures crossed for my volunteer application, damn would it be sweet to see my country on the world stage! Poland Forever!

  12. Poland is an absolutely amazing place, very hot in summer but very cold i winter. The racist idiots who humiliated themselves really have to go back to school and learn about Poland and learn how to communicate with people, this is shocking especially online with polish people reading these discriminable comments. anyway im really looking forward for the games I hope it goes well which i think it would, and i hope all of you enjoy it aswell :).

  13. Cul Stadiums Luv to go to dem :D

  14. Does anyone know some websites that have updated information on the stadiums being used for Euro 2012. Thanks

  15. I predict Germany vs Spain in the finals ! What do you guys think ? England is not that good like it used to be, France as well. I’d love to see Sweden in the finals too. They havent had luck but sure a good team. Cant wait :) Already bought a flight tickets :)

  16. Great stadiums , especially the 1 in Gdansk . .


  18. Cant wait to head over to the tournament, have plenty of beer ready for us Irish, we will have good fun with all of ye over there!

  19. Let me Win once fry trip to Poland seen a Euro2012 Cup Championship .

  20. im from dublin ireland. living in australia 3 yrs… irish friends of mine from all over the world south america.. america,,, wer travelling to poland for this years euros cant wait, i worked with polish guys for up to 5-6 years very proud like ourselfs,,, but great guys, wud give u there lunch if you had nothing , so cant wait for a great time in poland over the euro championships…. and all of yous irish would know.. joxer is going to poland via stuggart hahah… ole ole ole ole

  21. Nice places for croatian victories…

  22. the irish are coming and we re prayin its poland in the draw 2nd dec. we might not win the football but we ll drink and sing till we drop. c mon you boys in green.

  23. hello to all in ukraine lock up your bars the green army is coming. be afraid be very afraid. if you pump up the price of drink or call girls we will unleash our sing a longs and cause an alchoholic drought like your country has never witnessed. in front of your face we will tell you what a beautiful country you have but on our return to eire we will complain and moan bout your ugly women and uglier children. you have been warned keep the price of drink down an be nice to us.

  24. I lived in Poland. Polish people are very friendly and hospitable. Well educated. Their food and beverages are out of sight. Not talking about their women. Just beautiful! Wish could be there in 200 hundred days from today.
    Na zdrowie

  25. Poland is a Great country, I’m proud from my roots.

  26. Well for all of the ignorant people above here is some perspective. Poland has been effected by every war in the region over hundreds of years and It probably would be much larger country if not for all the division in the region. Polish people are very beautiful inside and out, especially the women. And as for culture, there is plenty to go around. And not to mention Poland is starting to get good young talent on the field (Lewandowski, Blaszczykowski, Szczęsny).

  27. Very cool, modern stadiums! Congratulations to Poland, nice job!!! Can’t wait to watch my Portugal playing there!!


  28. If you never have been in poland, you haven’t never seen the beauty of it ♥

  29. I hope poland do well, but against greece, and russia, not confident. Poland are still a good team

  30. going to poland via frankfurt and interrail. looking forward to seeing alot of Poland. We are Irish so we wont be in the tournament too long, but the fun we will have during our stay will more than make up for it. Best of luck to Poland and Ukraine in hosting the tournament. PS does anyone know where we can book accommadation near to Poznan and Gdansk as we would like to be near to the games but not in the cities

  31. Fuck off @anonymous

    You have obviously never been to Poland because it is Infact one of the most beautiful countries and Europe , beginning the landscapes and beautiful cities to the kind and caring individuals who live there.

    You want to know where real racists live ? Go to the UK or France …. People there are rude , mean and stuck up. Never in Poland have I encounterd a rascist. I bet that you are some no life American living in Kentucky who dosenn’t even know the capital of Spain. Poland has beautiful warm summers ( uk and Ireland don’t even have summer ).

    Poland I love you and bless you <3 you are a beautiful and amazing country and I am not the only one who thinks that. There are haters everywhere in the world who will always talk shit about everything !!

    Euro 2012 will be the best Euro yet !! The stadiums in poland are amazing , the best in Europe. I can't wait for Euro 2012 !!

  32. there are two reasons why people are going to ukraine to watch football, 1st is to watch football, 2nd so they can fuck all the girls there as 80% of them are prostitutes, lol! i can imagine the hotels there, they gonna be moving up and down from fucking! hahahahah!

  33. Fucking fuckheads killing dogs in the Ukraine!.

  34. I have never been to Poland but i hope i will in the near futur , especially for some places like Wrocław are really awesome , Blanco from Algeria , may God Bless you All

  35. i wounder if this means theirs more jobs for polish people back in their own country, then some young english people might actually get some jobs :)

  36. Just went through all those comments and I’m very flabbergasted…People stop talking bullshit about each other…Those who are saying that Poland and Ukraine are poor countries should educate themselves a bit….Those people knowledge must be veryyyyy POOR about what is going on in the World. Helloooo it is 2012…some countries did a progress. Anyway I hope My country( Poland) will show you how to have fun! We are friendly, happy and ready for EURO 2012! Good luck Ukraine.

  37. This comment is for OPEN-MINDED people….Hope you gonna have so much fun in Poland. Behave properly and respect our country and people….so we gonna respect you as well!

    ps- don’t understand why some of you are talking about polish gilrs like a touristic product. Yes we are beautiful and what? It doesn’t mean everyone will take advantage of that….

  38. The comments above would put you off soccer.
    Its a pity that the admin of this site dont remove the stupid, ignorant vile abuse that spews from a few and taints all,
    Cesc Rory (Ireland)

  39. @Rory Couldn’t agree more! We come to watch football, have a good laugh and enjoy. Not to screw every good looking polish girl that we see on the street for christ sake…

  40. Guys and girl ireland is as wounderful as neen other country in the world .Bless u all .
    P.S if u mean ireland is stuck up your soo wrong

  41. I am totally agreed with Karolina

  42. u should all shut your faces

  43. Poland Has Some Very Nice Stadiums, This will be a good Euro, but so are all the others, the main fact is that Euro is good if we have the excitement…… and if England don’t flop like they did at the world cup.

  44. u should and go to hell

  45. i think that the euro 2012 will be really awesomed koz of the vanues

  46. What you also runs on 10 dogs at each house? And power is normal for this attitude? Nothing doing? We in Nikolaev two months zahryzly dog alive three people.

  47. Here it is an app to everyone that wants to never get lost in this two countries. It has the location of the stadiums and routing capabilities.

  48. I would love to visit Poland because I have been in London for many years and Polish people were amazing! I think all Polish people (men & women) are very nice, naturally kind, well-behaved and open-minded.
    I will support my country France all the way but I can only wish good luck to Poland for the euro 2012!!

    Bonne chance la Pologne!

  49. Any Polish girls living in London? I live in the south west and would love to meet someone friendly or more from Poland or other eastern European countries! You are the most kindly women on this planet!

    Leave a Reply