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05/08/2007 Leave a Comment

It obeys agency of internal safety in published in internet before capability of terrorist take-over during soccer artistry of europe to 2012 in poland report and on ukraine. Can be tied about so wide international interest with boost of potential risk of terrorist take-over on territory of state of host – performance it write in placed on internet part from activity of agency for first half of the year 2007 – report ABW

In estimate – ABW, euro 2012, as that huge interest accompanies memorial, terrorist organizations can encourage nerve and extremist come into being in media – wanting more widely for organization – and possible utilization of assembly of person ascertain on soccer stadia for conducting of take-over during performance report announces -. There is among priorities of operations – counteraction such threat ABW and in preparation for all other polish institution euro 2012 participating it underline. At the same time it ascertain in report, that it remains about relatively small threat country this type attacks. However, monitoring of threat is priority ABW, appointed  deals with to 2005 that department of counteraction terrorism.

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