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Horse racing has, in the recent past, attracted millions of horse race enthusiasts and viewers from all walks of life. This is primarily because it’s a sporting event that engages fans and online viewers in various activities such as betting, cheering and voting.

In most developed nations, horse riding has become a very common sport because it’s considered to be a luxurious activity for the rich and famous. For instance, in the United Kingdom and Australia, it is considered to be a luxurious pastime for people who love horse riding. In the United Kingdom, horse riding events have become so popular that in parts of Manchester and Liverpool they invite horse riders to the Grand National Race.

United Kingdom

British horse riders have been appreciated for the game with several awards, tours and endorsements from all sorts of sporting gear and clothing companies from the USA, Canada and Australia. British horse riders feel appreciated because of the mass media attention in which they have received both in the UK and internationally. The British sports ministry has authorized betting activities during the Grand National Race.


Australia is known as the home of horse racing due to the the country`s wide appreciation for the sport. Horse racing events have sparked massive growth in regards to horse race clubs in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra over the past six years. Horse race enthusiasts have the chance to participate in online betting for the winners while at the comfort of their homes or offices. These events have encouraged millions of Australians to watch the races from official horse race websites that allow viewers from remote places in the country to watch live horse races taking place in the cities. The Grand National Race in Australia has motivated various racing clubs to develop horse race cards for viewers and betting participants.

Generally the Grand National Race in developed and developing nations has prompted the growth of horse racing in other countries such as South Africa and New Zealand.

It’s an extremely fun time for all that many people look forward to. 2014 should be absolutely no exception.

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