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20/05/2012 3 Comments

Almost half (48%) of Poland’s population trust that the Polish national team will be able to advance to the next stage and play in quarterfinals, while only a few respondents (3%) hope for the championship – results from the latest survey carried out by CBOS.

According to the CBOS survey, the Poles are careful optimists in evaluation of chances of our national football team at Euro 2012. Over ¼ of respondents (29%) are pessimistically disposed and anticipate that the Polish team won’t be able to win the group. Almost half (48%) of respondents expected though, that Franciszek Smuda’s footballers will manage to beat their rivals; while in the opinion of most of them (30%) it will be the end of our team’s success.

Almost one fifth (18%) of survey respondents predict that we will make it at least to the semifinals, but only a few count on European vice-championship (4%) or championship (3%). Nearly ¼ (23%) are not able or don’t won’t to make the effort of assessing the odds of the Polish national team in the tournament.

Over half (52%) of respondents declare that they are interested in football and 15% out of them define their interest as very strong; slightly less than a half (47%) are not interested in that sport; over ¼ (27%) out of them aren’t absorbed in it at all.

Nearly 20 days before the start of Euro 2012, over two fifth of Poles (44%) still declared that they were satisfied that Poland organized European football championships together with Ukraine. Almost half of the respondents (49%) were indifferent towards this fact and only a few (6%) were dissatisfied.

From the survey, it also results that since May 2007, i.e. since we were granted the organization of Euro 2012, the enthusiasm of Poles systematically decreases; at the same time, there is an increase in indifference. In May 2007 almost 2/3 of respondents (64%) declared their satisfaction in the fact that Poland hosted European championships; a year later that percentage declined to 60%; in March 2011 amounted to 50%, and four months later decreased to 48%. At present, the percentage of satisfied Poles amounts only to 44% – within five years it decreased by 20%.

Those people, who are interested in football, assess the state of preparations to the championships significantly better than persons who are not interested in that event. Almost 2/3 of fans (64%) think that the advancement of preparations is good, and the percentage of negative opinions in this group of respondents is less by a half (32%).
People who are not interested in championships assess the preparations more critically – the percentage of positive opinions is only slightly greater (40%) than that of negative ones (37%).

The respondents have mixed feelings about the governments’ actions taken up in order to prepare the Euro 2012. However, positive opinions prevail over the negative ones. Over two fifth of respondents (44%) think that Donald Tusk’s government has been acting and solving problems concerning championships organization well and in the opinion of less than two fifth (38%) of responders, the government isn’t able to manage difficulties it faces in this field.

The survey was conducted by CBOS from 12th to 18th of April and included a representative group of randomly chose adult inhabitants of Poland.

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