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29/02/2008 1 Comment

JSK Architekci company has shown a visualization and a miniature of the National Stadium. Its elevation refers to the national colours and imitates the waving Polish flag. It is so-called conceptional project.

Zbigniew Pszczulny from JSK Architekci assured that the building fulfills all the UEFAwarsaw new stadium 1 requirements. The new stadium will be located at the existing embankment (strenghtened by stairs) of the 10th-Anniversary Stadium. The pitch will be located about nine meters higher than the existing one. Parkings for about 1700 cars will be build below the pitch and the access will be enabled by special tunnels.

The elevation made from pellucid elements will provide to the viewers the eye-contact with the stadium surrounding. Two encircling galeries will enable a proper communication. The designers has proposed very original construction of the roof which will be built over the bleachers. The pitch will be partly roofed – a kind of ‘umbrella’ folding outwards. The National Stadium will receive 55 thousands viewers. The tribunes will contain special press seats (860), 2000 so-called ‘premium’ seats for guests of honour, seats for the disabled and about 900 seats in lodges for VIPs.

Changing rooms, rooms for teams, conference rooms and storages (together 130 thousands square metres) will bewarsaw new stadium 3 located below the tribunes. As the Minister of Sport – Mirosław Drzewiecki said, in the future the stadium should become a Sport House with a museum, fan club and headquarters of Polish sport associations. Additionally, Drzewiecki assured that even if the presented by JSK Architekci project refers to the building of the football stadium, in the future it can become a multi-functional building what many organizations find a good idea. From the technical point of view, the stadium can be built in such a way that there is a possibility of installing a folding racetrack.

The Minister of Sport informed that the chairman of PL company (responsible for the preparation) will be appointed in the following week. He explained that the appointment was held as candidates for the stand were still interviewed. “The company should be directed by professionalists’ – he emphesized and assured that only qualifications and professional knowledge that enables directing such a investment is taken into consideration. Drzewiecki has also announced that the signature of the interstate agreement about co-operation will take place during the visit of Donald Tusk in the Ukraine at the end of February.

Designer’s representatives and the leader of the company’s directorate National Sport Centre, Michał Borowski,warsaw new stadium 2 assisted Friday’s presentation. They guaranteed that all works has been held accoring to the accepted work schedule. In order to expedite the arrangements just before finishing the building project the ground is going to be harden and 20 thousands stilts will be piled in the ground. The building project is going to be ready till the end of June and the final version, so-called executive project, in December the present year. The proper building will begin in March 2009 and its finishing is planned at the latest for autumn 2011.

A match that opens Europe football championship will be played in June 2012 at the National Stadium. ‘I am so proud that the magnificant building was designed by us and will be built in Warsaw. The projects of stadiums in Koln, Frankfurt and Berlin where the main World Championship 2006 matches took place were created in our studios. We were also asked for a help in projecting stadiums needed for the coming event, in RSA (Republic of South Africa) – 2010. We are also the authors of the buildings in Port Elisabeth, Durban and Capetown – said German architect, profesor Volkwin Marg, a partner in the GMP consortium.

‘I like the cetral location of the stadium. If we induct the performance to a reputable company, it will guarantee that the building has the highest standarization level. Every tram, bus and metro will be within the spectators’ grasp. Once again we are observing how big influence on the city-creation sport has.The building will fit in the panorama of Warsaw. In

February we will have the UEFA representatives over. They will go to Chorzow and Cracow and there is a chance for those cities to be also the organizers of EURO 2012 – said the leader of PZPN group that takes care of EURO 2012, Adam Olkowicz.

The designed stadium is magnificent. It is a shame that Kazimierz Górski did not come by its opening. Once, when asked by the president Lech Wałęsa where the most suitable stadium for a match Poland-Brazil was, he answered: In Berlin. The situation has not changed yet, however it will change when we organize an opening internation match in the half of August

2011 – said PZPN chairman, Michał Listkiewicz. ‘The report given us by UEFA interested me. Unfortunatelly I can’t talk about details. There are delays. The UEFA president, Michael Platini, said that the report should not be treated as an attempt upon

the championship organization. In Poland, the reaction for the report was rather hysterical. What had happened it made the situation more mobilized – added Listkiewicz.

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