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18/02/2008 1 Comment

The Prime Ministe,r Donald Tusk, ensured the presidents of cities – organizers of the EURO 2012 football championship that the build of stadiums in Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan will betusk co-financed by the central budget. During a meeting in Warsaw the Prime Minister and the representatives of praticular cities presented a schedule of the championship spadework and

the miniatures of building where the football matches will be played. Additionally, Donald Tusk informed about the calling of the Organizational Committee where he was going to be leader.

The intention of the Wednesday meeting it was not to quiten anybody. EURO championship is a great challenge so we need to work in the high agog. The rebuke of UEFA is not a problem, it is a support. – Tusk comments on the latest Europe Federation rating which put an attention to the ‘delay’ in Polish and Ukrainian preparation to the EURO 2012. The committee included, among others, vice-premiers Waldemar Pawlak and Grzegorz Schetyna, the Minister of Infrastructure – Cezary Grabarczyk, the Minister of Sport and Tourism – Mirosław Drzewiecki, four presidents of the following cities: Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw, the representaitve of PZPN and the leaders of all the parliamentary clubs. Tomasz Arabski was pointed as the committee’s secretary.

– If UEFA agrees with our suggestion (matches played not in four but in six cities – additionaly Cracow and Chorzow) the presidents of Cracow, Chorzow and Katowice will be also included in the committee. – Tusk asserted. He accounces that the

Organizational Committee will be meeting regulary, at least once in a quarter.

Later, the Prime Minister defined the amount of the funding for one-third of the whole building cost, which meant that Poznan and Wroclaw will get about 110 mln zl each and Gdansk about 144 mln zl.

The funding will bring about 1000 Euro for each seat. The number of seat in the particular stadiums was declared in the applications during the time Poland sought for EURO 2012. National Stadium in Warsaw will be financed by the budget in its entirety – Tusk said.

Mirosław Drzewiecki informed that the completion of the building (or modernization) stadiums will start accoring to the accepted work schedule: in Poznan in the half of 2010, in Gdansk and Wroclaw in the end of 2010 and in Warsaw in June 2011.

The presidents of the particular cities were talking about invidual projects: Gdansk – Paweł Adamowicz, Wroclaw – Rafał Dutkiewicz. Janusz Rajewski, the director of the Poznan Sport and Recreation Centre and the minister Drzewiecki were talking about the capital building.

Adamowicz admited,that when the championship ends Lechia Gdansk will become the organizer of ‘Baltic Arena’, however other clubs will be able to use the building. He added that the stadium’s name was going to be commercialized.

During the Wednesday meeting in Prime Minister’s office the Minister of Sport and Recreation – Miosław Drzewiecki,

announced that Marcin Herra has been appointed the PL 2012 company’s chairman. PL 2012 is the company that is responsible for the preparation for EURO 2012 football championship in POland. The Olympic Centre in Warsaw will become the headquarters of the company.

Herra (born in 1974) graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration in Gdansk and obtained the MA. He has been a

member of Lotos Group’s authority for several years – as the director of the development and operating department and even as the chairman of the company’s authority. Additionally, he has been a proxy of Lotos Group S.A.

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