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29/05/2009 Leave a Comment

‘We have visited all the construction sites. I think that Taylor was impressed’, says Marcin Herra

Chief of the PL2012 partnership which coordinates the arrangements for Euro 2012- in the interview ‘Polski The Times’ about the visit of UEFA Secretary General

Herra does not hide that David Taylor was extremely satisfied with the progress of arrangements for the championships in our country. He saw, for the first time, genuine, tangible building sites He saw that there is a lot going on. In Warsaw the construction works on the National Stadium are 5 weeks ahead than it was planned in the schedule. We have a complete executive project , even the handles are chosen. The procedure of choosing the main investor is coming to the end. In Gdansk you won’t find anybody who wouldn’t be impressed by the huge 30 hectare building site with dozens of people and machines – said the chief of PL2012

National stadium in Poland

As a comment on the situation in Wroclaw , where are the biggest time delays, Herra says: “the ground for construction is almost prepared. There is no a single bush there. At any day ,an agreement with the recently selected contactor will be signed. The construction works will begin this week. Poznan does not have to be advertised. Half of the stadium already stands there, besides, what is also important, we presented the full documentation to Taylor. The documentation concerns the licenses ,auctions and financial guarantees of building of, not only, the stadium itself but also the airports, which, for UEFA are equally important. These are not virtual projects any longer. This really occurs. Throughout the year we have made a huge progress.

The coordinator of Euro notices also the positive sides of the present financial crisis. In the summer the prognosis sounded :it will be hard to find employers and generally companies that will build the stadiums, railway stations and roads. Now it is not a problem. The source materials are getting cheaper , the prices of services are falling down. Building every stadium means 1000 new vacancies.

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