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19/08/2007 Leave a Comment

If 10-million Portugal, which is not that rich, managed to do it, then we can do it as well. Especially that they prepared whole championship and we have to organize just a half of it – promised the Prime Minister Kaczyński in April, just after Poland had been chosen a host of the Euro Championship 2012.

However, the government hasn’t done anything so far. The place for national stadium in Warsaw has not been appointed but the tender for design was invalidated because there is no time for this. It is already known that the capital and Gdańsk will not manage to transfer the objects into use by the second half of 2010 as it was promised to UEFA. Wroclaw declares to be on time but even there nothing is being built, there isn’t even any design of the stadium. Just in Poznan the city stadium has been renovated for a few years.

Now, the new Minister of Sport – Elżbieta Jakubiak- has to as UEFA for permission to move the term of transfer of the objects of a year. It’s a huge disaster at the very beginning.

It’s a god idea to implement special acts that would make the tenders for investments of Euro 2012 easier or even let resign from them. The idea is good, but late of a few months – the act should have reached the Parliament before holidays.

In April one could have already foreseen that a corporation employing specialists would cope better with it – this is the latest idea of the government taken from experiences of previous organizers of the championship. So far, however, the politicians have occupied themselves mainly with staff of the official organization committee, which has changed bosses three times since spring. 

It’s an eleventh hour or even after the hour. The government has to do everything so that the Parliament immediately put the special acts to the vote. The crew of Kaczyński has to convince everybody  that Euro is a national interest, and membership in this or another party – unlike professionalism – doesn’t matter here.

If the powers do not manage to do it, we will have to resign from Euro 2012. It has never happened before but we may manage to do it.

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