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24/09/2011 Leave a Comment

The 3rd part of Wrocław Motorway Bypass was opened. From today, drivers can cross the Odra and Ślęża rivers over the Rędziński Bridge. Wrocław Motorway Bypass will direct transit traffic from Wroclaw.

Wrocław Motorway Bypass is one of the biggest road projects implemented in Poland. Wrocław Motorway Bypass was constructed between 2008-2011. Wrocław Motorway Bypass runs along the north-west side of Wroclaw. The main purpose of the project is to direct the transit traffic beyond the existing streets in Wroclaw. Wrocław Motorway Bypass will take part of the long-range movement, greatly reducing its use on other roads. It will reduce the risk of accidents on the whole road network in Wroclaw and will also improve safety on the national road no 8 (section Długołęka – Wroclaw – Kobierzyce) and no 5 (section Trzebnica – Wroclaw). Wrocław Motorway Bypass communicates the A4 motorway with the Airport in Wrocław, Stadium and the express route S8 (Wroclaw-Warsaw).

Wrocław Motorway Bypass was divided into three sections:
1. Connector Kobierzyce – Airport Junction – 14 km
2. Motorway Bridge over the Odra River, together with access flyovers – about 1742 m
3. Airport Junction – Długołęka connector – about 20 km

Rędziński motorway bridge

In the Wrocław Motorway Bypass there is the largest concrete bridge suspended to one pylon. The Rędziński Bridge is the record-holder in many architectural competitions:

– Poland has the highest pylon with a height of 122 m
– it is the fourth largest concrete bridge in the world
– the length of the bridge and flyovers amounts to 1 742 m
– the surface of the bridge amounts to over 70 000 square meters

Two independent multi-lane roadways will be suspended using 160 steel ropes with a total length of about 25 km. It is a unique solution that has not been used so far.

Within the construction of Wrocław Motorway Bypass the following was built:
– the highest Bridge in Poland, suspended to one pylon (122 m)
– 7 junctions (Kobierzyce, Południe (South), (Zachód) West, (Lotnisko) Airport, Stadion (Stadium), Północ (North), Psie Pole)
– 42 bridges (including Ekodukt – a crossing for large animals)
– about 27 km of noise barriers

The total length of Wrocław Motorway Bypass amounts to over 35 km and the investment value exceeds 4 billion PLN.

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